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VIRTUAL REALITY GLASSES with Built-In Stereo Headphone & Touch Button for Smartphone.

AVF Virtual Reality Glasses is specifically designed for smartphone users. With built-in high quality stereo headphone, it brings you great sound effect. Other features includes; maximum 120 degree FOV, built-in capacitive touch button, and compatible with Google Cardboard VR on many 4~6 inch smartphones.

EXPLORE the virtual world right in front of you!

WATCH - Immersive 3D Movies & 360° Panoramic Video.

PLAY - Get Psych with 3D & VR Mobile Games Experience.

FEEL - Explore Virtual Reality Worlds - Up Close and Personal!


• Full Immersive 120° Big Field of View.

• Built-In Vision & Hearing System.

• All-Round Comfort Design:

- Retractable Stereo Headphone.

- Flexible Structure for Different Face Shape.

- Thermolysis for Smartphone & Face.

- Super Light & Multi-Point Pressure Solution.

• Physical 'OK' Touch Button.

• Volume Adjustment with Answering Call Function.

• Personalized Instant Adjustment for Clarity & Focus Distance.


Important Note:-

1. Do not use while your smartphone is still charging.

2. Please STOP using if you experience dizziness or sick.

3. Not recommended for pregnant ladies, people with high blood pressure, weak-willed person, and people with brain and mental disorders such as epilepsy, phobia; fear of heights/crowds/ claustrophobic & etc.



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